Spoilt for seating choices at India’s C&W Gurugram

Fifteen Seating Choices in a New-age Workplace

At our open office in Gurugram, employees may choose from 15 types of collaborative and individual seating choices to do their work.

Fuelled by technological advancement and an increasingly younger workforce, employees are seeking greater control over their time and work spaces. The traditional employer-employee relationship has been redefined as working partnerships between staff, suppliers, contractors, customers and other parties depart from command-and-control and hierarchical management styles. At the same time, a growing embrace of technology through the use of laptops, smart phones, tablets and other devices is driving workforce mobility.

Alternative Workplace Strategies (AWS) are no longer about cutting operational cost but about empowering teams in their daily activities to ensure employee motivation, productivity, technological alignment and a lower carbon footprint.

There is no fixed approach for AWS, however, any strategy should be a balanced framework tailored to people (psychological), space (physical) and technology (virtual) requirements. In fact, customization to suit the nature of work, business style, culture and operations is of utmost importance.  For instance, at C&W, our business is information-driven and interactional. Interactional work benefits from fewer boundaries and more visual and auditory openness. Therefore, our Gurugram office has been designed to allow staff the full flexibility to choose the right place to do their work.

The design needs to be forward thinking to adapt to future needs, whilst providing a sense of personal space to employees. AWS can include anything, from telecommuting to flexible working hours. It could also mean providing a “free address” in which employees aren’t allocated a designated desk but a range of offices or desks from where they can choose to work from on a daily or weekly basis. Ultimately, the strategy will pay off because the end result is happier employees, increased staff retention and higher profitability.

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