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Have You Got The Edge?

Have You Got The Edge?

For several years, The Occupier Edge delivered innovative thought leadership articles specifically tailored to occupiers all around the globe. While our award-winning publication explores some of the hottest topics and trends impacting occupiers of real estate, many of these trends resonate with investors and affect the larger real estate ecosystem.

Investors today need to be in the know and up to speed on the latest workplace trends in order to differentiate their offering and deliver value to their tenants and occupiers. With this in mind, we have rebranded and revamped The Occupier Edge to The Edge. By broadening the scope of our target audience to include both occupiers and investors, we’re creating a more comprehensive guide to modern real estate solutions.

We’re delighted to announce that volume one of The Edge is now available to download. With articles written by subject matter experts from across the Cushman & Wakefield network, unmissable real estate insights are just a couple of clicks away!

Topics covered in volume one of The Edge include:

  • Experiencing the experiential workplace
  • Leading with innovation: Google on their real estate success
  • The pulse on healthcare consumerism
  • PropTech 2.0
  • Urban farming takes root in CRE
  • eSports: a gamechanger in real estate
  • Will robots take over CRE?
  • Free returns: how e-commerce is driving reverse logistics warehouse space

So what are you waiting for? Enter your details below and you could be catching up on the latest in global real estate trends in seconds.

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