Facilities & Engineering

Upping the Game on Facility Management and Construction

Who says managing a facility can’t be fun? There’s a new and fun way for facility personnel to manage buildings and improve workplace safety.

Advances in technology have paved the way for the construction and facility management sectors to develop innovative solutions to improve their work performance. Gamification is one example of an innovative solution that enables facility personnel to play and learn while they work.

Work and Play

C&W Services Singapore, the facilities and engineering arm of Cushman & Wakefield, has developed a workplace safety app that lets its property managers and personnel monitor the worksites they manage, while at the same time answer quizzes.

The team devised a “Safety on the Go” app that technicians and facility personnel of C&W Services Singapore can download on their phones to receive information on the basics behind Workplace Health and Safety procedures.

The “Safety on the Go” app also pushes out quizzes that technicians can participate in and win prizes. The short quizzes test their understanding of safety procedures and requirements at every worksite managed by C&W Services Singapore. Through the app, facility managers will be able to keep tabs on the technicians’ level of understanding, identify learning gaps and coach every technician to improve their performance.

Facility personnel and technicians can also share best practices through the mobile app and access a checklist to ensure they have completed every step of any particular task that contributes to the overall safety of a facility.

Reporting of hazards will also be much simpler as the app has a hazard reporting feature. This will enable users to compile the data collected from the reports and analyse them to study trends and used for training.

Time Well Spent

At a time when automation and digitalization of business operations are increasing, there is a strong business case for reducing the time spent by facility managers visiting each site. Facility managers are increasingly being urged to upgrade their skills to a level where they are equipped to monitor a portfolio of sites through a remote operations control command centre.

By using the “Safety on the Go” app, facility managers will be able to keep the communication lines open with a large number of technicians deployed across various sites in Singapore. This will ensure that technicians adhere to the rigorous safety requirements.

Developing an app like this is an important step in transforming the construction and facility management industry. This brings to focus the importance of health and safety standards, not just at worksites but in many other facilities by way of fun games and quizzes.

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