• Watch: The Investment Outlook for Asian Property Markets
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Watch: The Investment Outlook for Asian Property Markets

Watch: The Investment Outlook for Asian Property Markets

At the end of October we launched our “Winning in Growth Cities” report, an annual study which examines global commercial real estate investment activity, assessing leading cities as sources and destinations for capital. Throughout the report Asian cities stood out as offering outstanding opportunities for international and domestic investors alike, across a wide range of sectors.

With hundreds of investors, developers, and occupiers having already enjoyed the report, we took the time to catch up with report contributor and regional director of capital markets, Priyaranjan Kumar (PK). Working with in-country and overseas Capital Markets and Investment Sales teams across Asia, PK has been involved in transactions valued in excess of $1.50 billion in the last 3 years.

During the interview PK shared his expert insights on how the Asian property markets are evolving, what threats could stand in the way of future growth, which alternative sectors in Asia investors are taking a closer look at, and how he sees the key headlines from the report evolving in the coming months and years.

How would you characterize the outlook for Asian property markets?

What risks do you see to the growing prosperity in Asia Pacific?

Which sectors do you see as most exciting for Asia Pacific investors?

Which alternative sectors would you suggest investors take a closer look at?

How would you summarize the investment opportunity for the Asia Pacific region in the coming 3-4 years?

Enjoyed PK’s insights? Download the “Winning in Growth Cities” report for an inside look at the investment headlines from the last year, the alternative sectors claiming the attention of investors, the changing drivers of global real estate investment success, and specific targets for investment both in Asia Pacific and around the world. With a 32% year-to-date increase in Asia Pacific total investment volume, and a 45% Asia Pacific share of global cross-border investment, there’s never been a better time to get up to date on Asian property market and investment trends.

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